You’ve Met Her on the Phones Already…but Here’s a Proper Intro

Hey, it’s chit chat with Kat time!

So, my name’s Katherina, but everyone calls me Kat!
I’m originally from London, UK – and after a stop in Iran for a while, I came to the United States about 20 years ago.

I really enjoy parks, beaches, and the great outdoors with my daughter Samantha. Here’s a photo of us being silly and having fun!


My role here at Go Home encompasses a bit of everything, but more likely than not, anytime the phone rings, it’s my voice you’ll hear (PS. I also handle the chat…so if you need stock levels or want to ask if we have any promotions going on, I can help)!

I really love it here. We’re like a family away from family, and every day is something new, fun, and interesting!

Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful weekend. You can contact me for all inquiries at

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