Vote For Your Favorite: Top 2012 Design Submissions

Thank you very much to all those who participated in our Top 2012 Design Trend Contest. We got some great submissions which will hopefully inspire you as we ring in the new year. We’re giving away $100 gift certificates to the GO Home Website to the top 3 trends (as voted on by you!).

To vote for your favorite trend, please click here. Click on each title for more information about the trend.

1. Reclaim and Reuse: Ways2Design

2. Bold Color: duoHOME

3. Pop of Black: Town and Country Interiors

4. Sexy Fireplaces: Tomhill Studio

5. Tribeca Urban: Pleasant Living

6. Mix of Natural Textures and Man-Made Finishes: duoHOME

7. Decorative Ceilings: Beautiful Home Store

8. Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks: Pacifique Maison

9. Bold Patterns with Pops of Color: Sevier & White Interiors

10. Rooms that Evolve: Wendy Weissman Interiors

11. Fabric to Wood Coffers: By Design Interiors

12. Adding Sconces to Bookcases: By Design Interiors

13. Bright Colors: Shannon Berrey Design

14. Bold Colors: Lauren Stern Design

15. Bold Colors Mixed with Neutral Tones: Sofa Outlet

16. Bright Saturated Colour: Zuniga Interiors

17. New Organics: Zuniga Interiors

18. The New Traditionalist: Zuniga Interiors

19. Global Mix: Zuniga Interiors

To vote for your favorite, click here.

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