Top 2012 Design Trend: Mix of Natural Textures and Man-Made Finishes

In this kitchen makeover, duoHOME designer Tim Kempf used luxurious mixed-material backsplash tiles as the inspiration for this new, state-of-the-art kitchen. Warm wood floors replaced old ceramic tile; new dark cherry cabinetry replaced dated, European laminate units.

Frosted glass and metal repeat in a variety of areas: cabinet doors and hardware, appliances and oven hood, etc. This vibrant mixture of textures turned a formerly cold and dated kitchen into a luxurious cooking arena that any chef would be proud of! This mix of natural and man-made finishes/textures is one of the hottest design trends duoHOME is forecasting for 2012.

In this guest bathroom, duoHOME designer Tim Kempf paired amazing V-tiles in the shower enclosure with slick porcelain tiles on the floor and walls.  The honed Absolute Black granite countertop contrasts with high-gloss contemporary cabinetry. Installation tricks, like a “floating” sink, a “suspended” mirror and wall-hung cabinets create visual magic.

This exciting mixture of textures paired with visual slight-of-hand installation tricks created a guest bath worthy of any luxury resort.  The mix of natural and man-made finishes and textures is one of the hottest design trends we are forecasting for 2012.

For more, please contact Tim Kempf, Principal duoHOME, LLC

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