The Sweetest Thing : Donuts and Dessert Tables


Happy National Donut Day!

Donuts are one of dessert’s trendiest categories in recent years. Starting with the popular “Cronut” from the Dominique Anselm Bakery which was released in 2013, donuts became less Homer Simpson and more Heidi Klum. The innovative hybrid of croissant and donut invited enterprising foodies everywhere to release their creativity to the fryers.

Everything Donut

The result is an era of unbridled creativity in the beloved handheld treats. Across America, artisan donut (or doughnut) shops are popping up everywhere you look. There are colorful donuts with creative names and flavors. Tucked inside a carwash in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, Underwest Donuts created a tribute to their location in the form of the “Carwash Donut”, a colorful glazed creation with flavors of vanilla and lavender. Most recently, Good Morning America featured a whimsical creation from NYC’s Doughnut Project. Their “Everything Donut” captures the flavors of the classic Everything Bagel, with hints of sweetness and a light, fluffy texture.

In true wedding fashion, brides jumped on the donut bandwagon and have started featuring donut dessert tables or even donut wedding cakes. They create a fun and easygoing atmosphere that’s hard not to love! Here’s a look at some of our favorite dessert tables including several that incorporate this cheery dessert!


The billowy, gold balloons add an extra fun touch in addition to looking great in your photos! The variety of scrumptious-looking donuts combined with the natural cake leave the space with a vintage rustic flair.


This couple chose to create a cake with tiers of trays stacked and filled with donuts. They look inviting and delicious and the floral accents keep some elements of tradition. The whole display creates a whimsical woodland fairy-tale.


This dessert table is gorgeous in every way! The variety of creative options, serveware borrowed from different design looks, and a beautiful pink, gold, and white color scheme are elegant and vintage. Everything is enhanced by the symmetry and bold lettering display above.

No matter what theme you are trying to incorporate, there are so many ways to jazz up a dessert table. Use elegant crystal for a timeless, vintage feel. Layer your desserts on natural slate, stone, or wooden pieces to create a rustic and romantic atmosphere. Or place your treats on classic café pieces made of glass and metal for a clean and modern look. GO Home has a variety of great pieces to use on a dessert table. Check out some of our favorites below!

1609010702 12593

Above, the glass and metal styles are simple, stylish, and versatile. The could even be used for everyday displays of items on your bar or counter.

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These styles create a fun, rustic look for everyday or occasional needs. The Crockett Stand in the middle is especially cute for a woodland themed party!

Have you ever created a cute dessert display for a party or wedding? What’s your favorite flavor of donut or dessert? Let us know in the comments below!

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