The Milkman Cometh

Before you could pick up milk by the gallon at your local supermarket, the friendly neigbhorhood milkman would make his daily rounds dispensing this morning staple to each doorstep. Although not extinct yet, it is a rare siting of a milkman these days in any neighborhood. Inspired by the metal carriers the milkman utilized, GO Home created the Milkman’s Basket (used for a bit more fun libations than milk as you can see below.)milkman basket(GO Home Ltd.’s Milkman Basket made from steel and finished with a blackened patina, size: 16″ L x 16″ D x 4″ H. A great organizer for the home or office. Roll up magazines and newspapers or hold craft items for scrapbooking.)

milkman_small(An original milkman ad from the Museum of New Hampshire History).

Some vintage milk bottle carriers even let you set a number so you could indicate how many bottles you would like. Try eBay, Etsy or Craigslist to find styles like the ones pictured below.


milk today

milk today_2(Photo credits: GO Home Ltd., Museum of New Hampshire History,, Flickr)

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