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Open Source Furniture

According to Apartment Therapy:

The Yokohama-based design firm NOSIGNER explains the design philosophy behind the modular Open Source Furnitures, a system which abides by the same open source, “build what you may” philosophy as their software client, Mozilla:

“We designed Mozilla Japan's new office, MOZILLA FACTORY, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is one of the part of the Mozilla Foundation which have promoted the idea of open source and open source software.

"Open Source" is a kind of movement to open the source code of software. It enable everyone to be able to use that software and participate in improving. This movement has made it possible software is continually being improved, and develop high-quality software on a budget.
This office constructed by the common product, such as corner module or plastic pallet. Therefore, our design might also be able to call the "open source furniture"so to speak. Because general products used and all drawings uploaded to the web, it is possible for everyone to make these functional office furnitures inexpensively.”

For more pics and to download the open source brochure, check out Apartment Therapy.

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