Mercato Cart – 1930’s Vintage Industrial Design

Vintage Industrial style quickly became a mainstay in the design world in the past few years. At it’s core is the concept of industrial design or “the use of both applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, and/or usability of a product.” Thus, every aspect of Industrial design matters. Almost every man-made object around you is the result of an industrial designers skill and talent. In interior design, the industrial style concept is based mainly upon the space being honest with it’s components. From the construction to the selected furniture and accessories, the items are boldly on display. It’s a confident style that goes will with open spaces such as lofts.

12503_mercato cart

Industrial style is typically an unfinished look and centers on combining raw and rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. GO Home Ltd.’s Mercato cart, based on a 1930’s vintage factory cart, encompasses the essence of industrial design. In this case, the cart adds functionality with three storage drawers and an extra shelf to display home decor accessories or books.

Vintage industrial style blends well with minimalism and warm neutral tones. Shades and tones of gray work really great when combined with clean white walls and other elements such as exposed brick and beams and concrete floors.


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