Living with What You Love: Feather Your Nest

According to Feather Your Nest:

The GO Home items like Rain, Sleet or Snow the Vintage Sack Pillow, the rustic wood horse head and the tweety on a pedestal are scattered around our store…but bring much interest because they are such cool things!  We are always looking for unique items and we think that today’s decorating is about living with what you love without it making much sense, this is why we never really have an “idea” around a design we just put together things that we love.

Feather Your Nest is an eclectic store filled with items that they love! Their little store is located in South Fort Collins, CO at Front Range Village which is an outdoor shopping mall. They have been open almost a year Time flies! When you are having fun and doing what you love!

Feather Your Nest will also be launching a new website soon (  You can also check them out on Facebook.

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