Kelli Ellis – Exploring the Psychology of Design

Tell us a little about what you do?

I am an Interior Designer in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas. I’m also a regular on HGTV, TLC, and Bravo,  Currently I’m taping a new show, centered around my passion for Design Psychology. I am delighted to be bringing my book to shelves entitled, Do I look skinny in this house? Last year I co-created, with designer Lori Dennis, a super-summit of design, Design Camp. We gather the industries elite to share their inspiration, knowledge and resources.. For two solid days we cover topics like, business, branding, marketing, trends, social media, and how to get published. Our campers are attending every camp and joining us on the newly launched Design Campus.kelli ellis

What’s your favorite part about being an interior designer?

My client’s happiness after we complete their projects. Because I come from a Design Psychology standpoint, my clients don’t just like their homes, they are passionate about them. My focus as a designer has been to educate other designers, life coaches and homeowners. I created the Certified Design Psychology Program, through the Spencer Institute, that anyone can take! Our culture is so house-centric, it’s fascinating and important to understand the “why’s” of design to really get it right.

What’s a hot décor trend you’re excited about

I love furnishings that remind us of their beginnings – Edison light bulbs draw me in like a moth!! I’m enjoying the morphing of the “rustic, weathered” look into something more glamorous – Juxtaposition of old and new is always delightful!edison bulb

(1910 Edison Bulb)edison bulbs

(Kitchen design incorporating Edison Lightbulbs.)

What item would people be surprised to find in your home?

A 400 gallon Koi Fish tank in my family room, with ficw of my foot long water-babies inside! I love my fish so much, I wanted to see them and interact with them up close, rather than look at the top of them in a pond.

If you could live in another decade, which would it be and why?

The 50’s are so intriguing. Not so far in the past, I adore the clothing, design of the cars, the focus on decor and appliances, and the influence Hollywood glamour had on it all. There was an odd innocence and sense of decorum.  Aside from women’s stiffling roles, I love to browse magazines like McCalls to see the marketing and female mind-set. I am waiting for brightly colored appliances to come back in a big way!mccalls magazine vintage mccalls patterns

What’s your favorite part about going home?

Seeing my family, of course. My daughter is off to college this summer and my baby off to college next year, so I am cherishing every minute. I love the warmth of my home. I have a first edition book collection that spreads itself into almost every room, and I love the look and feel of my antique books.

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