How to Comparison Shop with Google’s Autocomplete: Apartment Therapy


We’ve all searched in Google…and we’ve all seen Google try to Autocomplete our search for us (it’s the grayed out text of what Google thinks you’re searching for). I thought it was a nifty time saver (sometimes), but not much more than that. But Apartment Therapy writes about another great use for Autocomplete…

The next time you’re making a big purchase, here’s how to use Google’s Autocomplete to help you comparison shop before you press “buy”.

Step 1: Go to
(You’ll actually need to head to the page, and not just use your browser’s search box to see Autocomplete results.)

Step 2: Type “Beats by Dre vs” into the search box, and nothing else.

Step 3: Look at the searches Autocomplete suggests-“Beats by Dre vs Bose,” and “Beats by Dre vs Sennheiser”-and check out some of the competition.

We’re all shopping addicts deep down, right 🙂 Here’s a cool tool to help us shop more efficiently!

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