Ace Hotel – Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

This uber trendy hotel chain, known for their appeal to hipsters, oozes with art, design, music and culture, from their guest rooms to their inviting lobbies. Their mantra alone is enough to set you on a soul-seeking journey (while staying in one their locations, of course!)

The basic things matter. Try not to be a jerk. The truth doesn’t always make sense, but it usually feels right. Try to make something everyday. The only free will you have is how well you respond to fate, so steel yourself and smile. Work can be a beautiful thing when done beautifully, and it’s a lot more fun done together than apart. “Ace-Hotel-7Aces rooms are truly eclectic and give you that “at home” feel. Original murals grace the walls along with vintage-inspired decor.

Ace Hotel TG-mural18 IIHIH

Murals created by artist Timothy Goodman for the Ace Hotel, NY includes 99 hand-drawn picture frames created with black paint markers and paint. The frames are filled with images of facts, love, and items of interest to create what the artist calls “the spontaneity and grit of the city.”

Ace-Hotel-Portland-2Guest room at the Ace Hotel, Portland, OR.lobby ace hotel_portlandportland lobby_2The lobby of Ace’s Portland, OR location. Socialize, grab a Stumptown coffee or snap an analog pic of yourself in the refurbished vintage photobooth.

locationsThe Aces 7 locations include: LONDON / LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK / PALM SPRINGS / PORTLAND / SEATTLE / PANAMA.


(photo credit: Ace Hotel)

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