A Mix of Classic and Fun: Kelley Price Interiors

According to Kelley Price Interiors:

Geometric, colorful wall hangings, pillows and area rug give this room a fun vibe. However, in order to ground the space and keep the room versatile neutrals are used as the base with a gray sofa, black cocktail table and GoHome’s Clover Mirror. The base products are classics that can be changed with the season or on a whim by swapping out pillows, wall hangings and accessories. The mix of classic and fun creates a cozy family room to enjoy for years to come!

Kelley Price Interiors creates warm, inviting rooms for homeowners who are looking to update their home with a new look or finish their rooms so their home is cozy and welcoming.

Whether you need a full room design or just finishing a room, Kelley Price
Interiors will eliminate your decorating woes and make decorating fun!

For more, please visit them at http://www.kelleypriceinteriors.com/home.html or send an email to kelley@kelleypriceinteriors.com

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